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Blue Safari Marketing

Our Business is Customer Satisfaction

Imagine a service provider that pings a feedback to your request in less than 24 hours. Imagine your problems are adressed in a timely and professional manner. Imagine that you can focus on your business while in the background your web developer/service provider handles the internet, the graphics, CRM, Google Apps, social media, SEO and more.
Think for a moment at a few other commodities, like tap water, the power grid, cable TV, central heating, gas, telephone. Most of these are coming to you seamlessly, no need to figure them out, just taking advantage of them by default.
Well, this is the type of commodity service that Blue Safari Marketing brings to you, as customer, in the following areas:

  1. Sugar CRM and Google Apps
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Web Design and Hosting
  4. Online Based Enterprise Applications
  5. Social Media - Google Places; Twitter; Facebook and more
  6. Search Engine Optimizatio
  7. Support and Maintenance

CRG Homes

 As investors in real estate, we buy and sell homes.  For more information on CRG Homes visit the following websites:




Kids Club Alabama

Kids Club Alabama is a membership club that gives access to our exclusive discounts for a variety of activities and at many eateries, includes FREE activities and a comprehensive kid’s events calendar.    With a Kids Club Alabama membership card you can save money on all the fun places you are already planning to go with your kids and know in advance about all the cool free events in our area.   Kids Club Alabama encourages families to spend quality time together at a fraction of the cost.  Get out and play and have fun.  Connect with other families in our communities.